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About classes

1. Basically, everything about the class can be fixed from the first meeting with us, even though our basic classes run for an hour from Monday through Friday.

2. All our times depend on New York times. (GMT-5)

3. Everything about the class can be discussed with your teacher. According to that, we will send you an invoice, you will pay it and the class begins. This is how we work. 

4. The number of students for each class can vary from one to four. According to the number of students, our teaching method changes.

5. The teacher will be designated by us. If you want to continue with a specific teacher, talk with them. We will arrange it.

6. We don’t have specific textbooks. Therefore, we don’t sell books.

7. We use SKYPE for our classes, which can be used for free. You must install and learn how to operate it before you attend class.

8. We do not respect the holidays of any country. All our classes run from Monday through Friday without any exception. 

9. You should not miss any of your classes or times. All discount events can be applicable for students with 100% attendance.

About a refund

10. If you wish to cancel your registration, you should ask it before 48 hours via email.

11. Once the class starts, no refund will be issued.

12. If any problem occurs on our end, the class will be stopped, and a full refund will be issued.

13. An unstable Internet connection or issues with TEAMS will not be considered in regard to a refund.

About our privacy policy

14. We do not collect any personal information from our students.

15. We only ask for you to provide your email address to form our classes and to conduct satisfaction surveys.

About copyright

16. A play script will be produced from a class of more than three students. This play script belongs to ETA SYSTEM LLC.

17. If anyone wants to use the script, the person should pay a copyright fee to ETA SYSTEM LLC. However, if the script is used for free show cases, the copyright fee will be exempted.

18. When we receive any benefit from a copyright fee, it will be distributed to all the participants involved in the making of the script according to the proportions we set.


한국어 배우기

Chines language learning course 

영어 배우기

중국어 배우기





Language learning

Oneline Chinese classes

온라인 영어수업

Online Korean classes

Language practice



Online English classes

온라인 중국어 수업

온라인 한국어 수업

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