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Our logo, standing for people gathered together, was disigned by Min Lim, a Korean scene designer, 

About us

We are ETA SYSTEM LLC, a company specializing in education.

ETA, standing for Education Through Acting, takes acting as the tool of education.


The system consists of 4 steps in total; gathering, discussing, rehearsing and performing. It looks similar to the Educational Theatre Method(ETM), but the ETA SYSTEM differs from ETM in terms of outcome-oriented. Click here if you want to know more about ETA SYSTEM.


FLETA, Foreign Language Education Through Acting, takes acting as the tool of language practice. In online classes, we only proceed with the step 1 and 2. 


We also are interested in resocialization education (RSETA, Re-Socialization Education Through Acting).

We participate in resocialization education processes by contacting different detention centers, psychiatric hospitals and senior day centers.

Our teachers

We have enough teachers to educate each language. Click here to see our teachers.

ETA SYSTEM is an American company.

We are registered in Paramus, the state of New Jersey.


11-13 Sunflower Ave,

Paramus, NJ07652

T. (1)201-416-3818 

You can find the page below when you Google us. (In other search engines belonging to different countries such as Nave or Baidu, you might not find us because we are not currently registered there.)

한국어 배우기

Chines language learning course 

영어 배우기

중국어 배우기





Language learning

Oneline Chinese classes

온라인 영어수업

Online Korean classes

Language practice



Online English classes

온라인 중국어 수업

온라인 한국어 수업


96 Linwood Plaza, #264

Fort Lee, NJ 07024, US

T. (1) 201-416-3818 

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