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✅ When the number of students is one or two, the class runs by selecting a news and explaining and discussing about it.  

✅ When the number of students is three or four, FLETA will be applied. 

FLETA consists of three steps; [Choosing a subject] [Creating a story] [Writing down the lines]. The process below is on a weekly basis, and the length of each step is adjusted as the process is prolonged.

FLETA procedure 

Mon/Tue - Choosing a theme 

Students present a subject​ and the story of a movie.

They discuss choosing a subject that everybody considers the most important unanimously. 

Wed/Thu - Creating a plot

Students create stories to express the chosen subject.

By discussion, one story will be created.

Friday - Writing down the lines

As the character you play​ you exchange dialogues

This conversation will be the lines of your own play.

The only way to be proficient in a foreign language is to make it a habit to think, speak and discuss continuously.

In fact, this process is not easy because you can't attend the class PASSIVELY. You have to speak, listen, think and speak continuously.




You can do it, because 

1 Anybody can be an actor

One of human beings’ instincts is that of EXPRESSION. Anybody can express themselves. Anybody can be an actor. Anybody can be an artist. It’s just instinct.

Thinking, creating, expressing, debating and arranging. These are what you should do. You should do them consecutively, and then language practice is achieved by itself.


2 Anybody can be a writer

Anybody can be a writer, like anybody can be an actor. A writer is the person who creates a story by thinking, which means that anybody who can think can write. Furthermore, our class is a kind of collective work. Students always share their thoughts and teachers who are experts of play help them develop the story. Is it impossible? 


3 No need to worry

You may hesitate … saying that your speaking ability is not good enough to talk with others…. You don’t have to worry about that. There is no large difference in each student's ability. You just jump into the place where you should be. It is the teachers who control their own speaking speed, pronunciation, etc to upgrade you step by step.


4 It’s just a week

Registration renews on a weekly basis. Attend first, and if you don’t feel you have progressed in your language fluency, stop attending. However, we are certain you are going to come back!



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