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eta system language practice through acting

Online Korean Language Practices
with Native Speakers


A very effective way in foreign language learning
FLETA, Foreign Language Education Through Acting

Speak Korean FLUENTLY?

Know how to read and write?

It's good enough!

Next step? Speaking!



Practice, Practice and Practice!

eta system Korean practice
eta system Korean lessons

Effective 1:1 classes,
More effective FLETA

1:1 lesson? Effective.
ETA lesson? More effective.
No repetition!

Move toward NEW!

Move, Move and Move!

eta system online Korean lessons

A self-development method 


Artistic creation

Prepare a theatrical show



FLETA is a part of ETA, Education Through Acting that we have developed for 20 years. ETA? Click!

People get the wrong idea, thinking they can learn how to speak. However, speaking can't be learned. You have to practice again and again to speak fluently. Of course, just speaking is not a good practice. Fun, immersive and creative speaking based on discussion, this is FLETA.

Don't try to learn
but try to speak.  


Real in-depth debates


An immersion for creating


Enjoy being creative


Becoming an artist.


One week (Mon through Fri) and 50 minutes each time.

Should know how to read and write Korean.

One to four students attend the class.

The tuition fee per week is $45usd.

We use Skype to talk about.

Eta System logo with title

FLETA is specifically effective in group language training such as companies or schools.

For the companies that need fluent foreign language skills for a short period of time, please contact us. 100% guaranteed. 

Get in touch

eta system prof Kil

Sunny Kil, Associate Professor of Theatre, SUNY New Paltz

I believe making plays together is one of the best ways to learn language and culture. 

Dr. Gyunhyeong Kim developed the ETA system through 20 years of research. He studied in Korea and France where he got his Doctorate. He was a university professor for 16 years and directed more than 20 plays and musical plays. Click here if you want to know more about him. 

FLETA is specialized in Foreign Language practicing. Click here if you want to know more about ETA. 

eta system student sulji

2주 동안 LETA 방법으로 훈련하고 있어요. 나도 모르게 발전해 가는 나를 보았고 이건 매일 토론한 덕분이라고 생각해요. - 김슬지

I have been practicing English for two weeks. I feel improved without knowing it and I think it is because of every day's discussion - Seulji Kim

eta system student aimin

我觉得英语真的不简单。 虽然上过很多补习班,也学过很多,但我的英语水平还不是很好。 用LETA系统进行了一周 感觉比以前更好 每天我们的学生和老师认真讨论,说英语,似乎已成为我的习惯。- 李愛民

I think English is not easy to learn. I have studied for a long time in many different institutions. Weeks ago, I joined FLETA and I think my choice was right. A lot of debate led me a English speaker. - Aimin Li

eta system student delia

Since last year, I was able to discover many Korean styles: K- -pop, culture, food, BTS, etc. … I want to better understand Korean culture by learning the Korean language. However, at the places where I was learning Korean, the level was too basic. I wanted to aim for a higher level. I discovered LETA which makes me think and think again to the point of giving me a headache, but it was not that unpleasant, and discuss and discuss again. I really hope that I can speak Korean fluently soon, and I think through LETA that it’s very probable. - Delia Degamo

some useful links about Korea

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