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It is true that the ETA SYSTEM is extremely helpful for foreign language learning. However, that is just a small part of ETA. The ETA SYSTEM can be much more useful in other areas as well.


The ETA SYSTEM refers to the process by which attendees create a script and prepare a play through discussion under the direction of a theatre expert

The ETA SYSTEM can achieve the best educational purpose for sites that require the resocialization of people such as detention centres, psychiatric hospitals and/or senior day centres. Through the ETA SYSTEM, those who stay in the program can see themselves changing. Furthermore, through this changing, the people around them can change as well. And through these changes, our communities can also change. The ETA SYSTEM is not a simple method of education but pursues the improvement of human community.


We know that there is already educational theatre method similar to the ETA SYSTEM. Both proceed with the discussion of people. We sometimes even encounter events created by the educational theatre method, usually in schools. However, this kind of work has very a limited use and hasn’t spread very far. Why is this?


Imagine 10 inmates from a detention centre getting together every day to prepare a play. Who directs their meeting? For the educational theatre method, it may be an educator who is not a theatre expert. They may be incapable of preparing a good show which is, furthermore, not their interest. Their goal is how to educate inmates during the session. Therefore, not all of the participants would do their best and the show would be achieved with a mediocre quality. There wouldn't be a good result and not all of them are satisfactory. Thus, the educational theatre method couldn't be spread any longer. ​

However, for the ETA SYSTEM, this is completely different. Who would direct the process? That would be a theatre expert. Why? Because the actual goal is the preparation of a show. The show itself is what matters, not the process. The show must be achieved with a high-quality because the theatre expert was introduced specifically for this purpose. The director would ask inmates to do more and the inmates would do more. By this process, they would give up what they already have, and new values, hopefully more positive, will replace them. This is resocialization. They will change by themselves; they will be educated by themselves.


We can quote two words: process and result. 

The educational theatre method focuses on the process. It is barely interested in the result. That's why the show created as the result is usually childish. In addition, anyone could complete it without much effort. In other words, when the process is completed, the participants' satisfaction is not very high. Satisfaction comes when you accomplish a something that is hard to do or complete. However, with the educational theatre method, both participants and the audience are not satisfied with the result. Therefore, the education that they really wanted couldn't be achieved.  

However, if you focus on the result, everything changes. To achieve a better result, more effort should be invested. A theatre expert who knows about the production of plays will direct the event to complete the best show and the participants will do the same. If you value the result, the process will be upgraded at the same time. Emphasizing the result is not to disregard the process but to make it more important. 

The system that can maximize the effectiveness of education by making not only the result but the process more important

is the ETA SYSTEM. 



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